Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello there, nice to meet you.

Today we had our big ultrasound visit. Ave was able to come, even though he usually has school. His classes aren't normally something he can miss either, but with the semester winding down he had a couple hours leeway. It would have worked out without him, but it would not have been quite the same to call him afterwards. My dad was also invited to meet us, considering he works in the same hospital, and is UBER excited to get to see his first grandbaby any chance he gets. Plus he's handy to have around if I have any questions.
We got to see a lot of lovely photos as they examined each one of the organs. Starting with the head, brain, heart, stomach, and so forth. Everything looked so perfect. Two kidneys, four ventricles, and 10 toes. Okay, we couldn't quite count the toes, but the little picture of just the tiny feet was adorable. Of course being the nerd I am, I was fascinated. I could spot the two brain hemispheres, I thought it cool to be able to see the aorta, and just watching my child moving around the whole time up on the screen was a beautiful, happy moment.
Everything looks really healthy and keeping at my 19 week mark, ever since my doctor bumped me back a week. My amniotic fluid apparently wasn't superb but nothing to worry about unless it gets lower. I'll have to research how I would be able to tell... hmmmm. All in all, nothing to add to my worries of becoming a mother.

Then came the true question. The one we have been fighting with this kid for weeks to cooperate. First crossing it's legs, then bouncing around like my insides were a bouncy castle, then just having no insight yet. I became concerned when the ultrasound tech was struggling and telling my child to open it's legs. Not something a mother usually wants to hear, but in this case I agreed. His supervisor, the Radiologist I think, who had been helping/training him the whole time stepped in and started mashing around. I could tell when they would get right over the head because I could feel something really hard all of sudden, when usually I'm all squishy. Not that it's comfortable to have your bladder smashed, but it isn't as hard as a rock. With still no success and Avery starting to say evil things, like that we would be leaving today without knowing, I offered to get up and jump around a little bit. I poked at my belly and told my baby to cooperate. Do not be stubborn today of all days! I also said a teensy prayers. God understands a mother's concern, He does not mock. The radiologist still scanning mentioned maybe he will have me get up for a minute, when all of sudden he freezes a frame. My dad makes a comment I don't entirely understand (jargon) and the doctor starts typing.

After the first sentence I was spouting some exclamations such as: Holy crap!No way!What are we going to do? He had heard us the whole time; how I was for sure it was a boy, we kind of wanted a boy, and so forth. So to be honest I didn't quite believe him. Hence the added line. He was a very nice and funny man who gave us some great advice and opinions on girls.
Clearing out the ideas of swords and balls and bugs out my imagination, suddenly tutus and dance classes and shoes and hair bows came pouring in, and I got very excited. I could not stop grinning. I am not dissapointed in the least. Just in shock. I really did not think having a girl was in the cards for us. With my three brothers and Ave's four, testosterone was bound to win out. But NO!!!
My father is estatic, I was always a daddy's girl. Ave was a little nervous. Mostly because the dollar signs started flashing in his head when I started naming all the cute things I could buy for our daughter. He also still has it in his mind he can still be firm with a daughter. Pshaw! That man is going to melt like butter. It'll be good for him. I told him little girls are much more emotional and he is not allowed to make our's cry everyday. He's going to have to get in touch with his sensitive side. Hahahaha. It's going to be great.

My beautiful baby girl. I am so excited to get to know you.
Even if you do make me nervous.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Thank You

Dear Incident Management Man,

I forgot to ask your name. I'm sorry. You had reddish sort of hair and a scruffy face, and a nice smile. You already know that my tire blew out on I-15. You probably know better than anyone that that can be a little scary getting over to the emergency lane without losing control, and then trying to change a tire with cars zooming by at 60+ miles an hour. I was at least proud of myself that I knew how to change the tire, in theory. I had my jack out and my spare tire uncovered. Before you pulled up and found me, I had in fact attempted to loosen the lug nuts, but they were just too tight for my little biceps/my entire weight jumping on the wrench to come off. I had just finished calling my co-worker to come pick me up of the side of the freeway when you came to my rescue. You probably deal with alot of silly women who don't know how to change a tire, which I assume is why you asked me if I had a spare. I told you hurriedly I had everything I just couldn't get the tire off. Then you told me you would change it for me. I almost cried. You probably couldn't see my 3 month pregnant belly underneath my scrubs, you probably couldn't tell my blood pressure had risen exponentially in the past 15 minutes with the fear of being killed while kneeling next to my tire, you also probably couldn't tell that I had patients scheduled in 5 minutes, who in my line of work, do not wait. You just offered to help, as I'm sure you always do. You proceeded to jack up my car and take out my spare, then testing it you informed me you would go put a little more air in it. I had to hold my hands behind my back to keep me from hugging you. You removed the lug nuts with your handheld rotary, which made me feel like less of a wuss, if you still had to use a machine to loosen them, it wasn't just me. So thank you for that unspoken validation as well. With my spare tire safely back on and the rest of my car returned to solid ground you then offered one last piece of advice, use the shoulder to get my speed back up safely. I wasn't sure what was customary in these incidents, I briefly made a mental check if I had cash in my wallet to tip you with, just a couple ones, not enough. Is that even allowed? Would you take it? Most likely not, you seemed too professional. I thanked you as much as I could. But I want the world to know, okay, just my world, that you are my HERO! And to make it all the more dramatic, my unborn child's hero as well. Thank you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Emotions

OK... firstly, I love you guys. Yes, you. All the support and loving vibes... Thank you! Of course I am so excited and so far so good. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. =)
As most of you have experienced personally when you become pregnant, your emotions can become a little... eratic. Do you want to hear about mine?
As in just last week I was coming down the stairs... now the other side effect of pregnancy is the tenderness. As in the 'girls'. That's all I will explain, guys read this. So coming down the stairs and with every step ow, ow, ow, ow. By the end of the stairs I was crying... seriously tearing up. Ave was sitting on the couch as I walked over to him he looked up from his homework and asked, "Are you okay?" And I just start crying about how I hurt but it really isn't that big a deal, and I don't know why I'm crying but I am, and I'm sad and don't know why. Ave just watched with amusement and then told me to "Come here." I curled up next to him and after a minute all was back to normal. ???
Last night we had game night with some friends. Just to elaborate our game nights do not consist of board games. We have a gaming night. We end up with three x-boxes, two tvs, a projector, and lot's of Halo/Rainbow Six/Gears of War. Game night. We were there until late, but I was starting to get really tired. Luckily we had driven seperately so I went home with Ave saying he'd be coming after they beat this level on Halo Wars. I was so excited to see my bed and crashed. Other side effect... having to get up a few times a night. Not fun... nothing usually wakes me.
True story, I slept through a fire alarm, not safe, but sleeping has never been an issue for me, until now. So at 4:00 AM I roll over to get up and Avery is still not home! Pregnancy emotions=full blown panic. I text him, then call... several times. Then I call my girlfriend who's house we were at to see if they were all still there. But nobody answers. I get dressed and sit in bed trying to decide the best way to ask the hospital if they have received any car accident victims lately. I'm trying just to think of the possibilities, but they are all bad. If for some reason he decided to sleep over, he would have called right? Maybe I should just wait until morning to see if he comes home, but then he could be in the ditch all night and I would never forgive myself. If he was still playing he would answer his phone. I start tearing up. The longest 15 minutes of my life later, my friend texts me and says they are still trying to beat this level and he will be home right after. I start bawling, no kidding. Why? No clue. I get undressed and back in bed but can't fall back asleep. Ave texts 10 minutes later to tell me he is on his way home now. I've calmed down enough when he gets home that I just acknowledge him being alive as "Good to know." Ave apologizes for making me worry. And I comment a call could've avoided all the drama of me almost calling the hospitals and driving around looking for the car off a cliff. "Really, Jenn, really?" Ok, next time I'll wait a couple days before I start to wonder, hmmm, I haven't seen my husband maybe I should start worrying. He responds with I knew he playing, I knew where he was.
"Yeah, three hours ago! I had no idea you would still be there at this hour."
Okay, irrational, yes, do I realize this at the time, probably. Doesn't make it any less real!
He tells me good night and I ask for a hug. He then reassures me he's okay, everything's okay. Then I sleep. ???
In the morning light it's all ridiculous. What is my deal?
But I am not complaining... I could go crazy tomorrow and still be thrilled. We're going to have a baby!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Apologies

It seems an odd question but should one apologize for not blogging. After all blogging is usually more of a personal outlet than anything. Especially in this instance where this is not a money-making venture. But then again the only way I keep in touch with some people is by viewing their blogs, so along those lines of thought...
I am sorry. I am alive. I have been busy. But not that busy, it probably has more to do with not really having much to write about. How often do you post about work before it becomes boring? Once, twice, daily for months on end? =)
I did get a second job. I suppose that's news. I'm teaching at Practical Dental Assisting. Just on Saturdays, since Ave works and I just get bored. Plus I love teaching!
Other than that... Ave started school again. Boo! He started his graduate program so only two years left. Yay! He's been busy trying to finalize his master's project and I've just been trying to be supportive and pay his tuition. I'm a good sugar mama!
Hmmm... what else. Oh yeah. The whole sugar mama thing, it's now legit.
=) As in I am finally fricking pregnant!!!!!!
Ok... So I'm proud of myself for holding it in that long. Two whole paragraphs! Aren't you proud? I'm officially seven weeks so still really early, I should be waiting but after trying for so long and a couple early miscarriages... getting this far feels like a huge accomplishment. By announcing this I'm hoping it makes it more real, not jinxing it. So if for some reason I stop talking about the pregnancy, just assume I don't want to tell you why.
But let's think cheerful, happy, positive, baby sticking thoughts! Like I said this is the farthest we've ever gotten. My Dad has been taking me down every week for ultrasounds to ensure everything is coming along nicely. So far so good. It pays to have connections. I'm hoping to have a better picture to post soon. For the moment it's a large void with a squiggy spot in the middle... which is growing so fast!!! He said by next week the skeletal structure starts to form, which it makes it easier to differentiate baby tissue from mommy tissue. Wierd!
Now that I have news... I can start posting again. I know you're all on the edge of your chair.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Other Homeland

Final Count

Gold-0 Silver-1 Bronze-4

Is it treason if I was secretly hoping they could beat USA in hockey?

Monday, February 15, 2010

So my husband says to me...

Last week I am telling him about how one of my co-workers got these beautiful flowers at work (no hints right, purely just sharing) and he says to me...
"You know you aren't getting those right?"
"Yes. I know"
Trust me I did know. Avery is very romantic at heart... I have proof in 18 months worth of love letters (which I never hold over his head) but... he is also quite the engineer. Very logical and calculated. Just because it is a want, does not mean it is a need. Flowers, a want, not a neeed. Shoes, a want, not a need. Affection, a want not a need.
Then, get this, he says, "I already got your present."
WHAT!!! Again see paragraph above to fully comprehend my flabbergast-ness.
"But I didn't get you anything," now I am at a loss, we usually do not do gifts.
"You don't need to. Valentines day is just for women."
"But...but... ummm..." racking my brain for anything he would want, "Oh I have an idea for your present."
"Okay, Jenn," no emotion.
"And it involves lace," as I smile and blush simultaneously (it is a gift.) Did I mention how much I like to dress up?
"Okay, Jenn." Deadpan. Could have fooled me about being a romantic.

Saturday night, Apollo (the dog) carries a little box in his mouth by the cute white bow (name that commercial.) As Avery carries roses in and sets them on the ottoman.
"Happy Valentines Day. I love you very much."

Then picks up the laptop he left on the couch and starts reading about alcohol content again (him and my dad have this 'project' to make fuel.)
Who cares?! I am grinning and find a beautiful pearl ring to match my pearl necklace Ave bought for his future wife on his mission in the Phillippines (I got that for my birthday a month before we got married.) This lady here in Lehi buys the same pearls from the same ladies in the Phillippines and sells them trying to help better their lives. It is a very sweet story. And now I have an adorable ring to match. Not only do I love my pearl collection, but also their back story and origins. And he got me another piece. How cute is that!
Mostly I could not believe he planned ahead. He thought about it! About what he wanted to get me. Found it, bought it, wrapped it. Wow! This is the kind of romance this boy is capable of. This is when he takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes. I do not mean to brag, but he is lovely. I definitely believe this statement with all my heart.

It's the thought that counts.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Craftyness

Check out this little gem (teehee, get it?) that I made tonight for my Valentine's outfit tomorrow. Now I just need to put together the skirt, top, shoes, and whatever else a Lover's Day outfit needs... for church... don't be dirty.

All you need is some tulle, rhinestones, and hot glue. Going here helps too.

Happy Day o' Love everyone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Bailout

Lookie what the government gave me. Okay technically they only gave me a portion of the money they have been borrowing over the entire 2009 calendar year.


Peek-a-boo, I see you.

This reminds me far too much of those damn stickers on cd cases.

In all its shiny glory. AHHHHHH... (choir of angels singing.)
Side note: this was meant to be my Christmas present originally, but Avery thought a few other things were more important (read that with a snide little voice) like car registration and university tuition. BOO!

I feel like a new mother. I am so proud, and cannot stop staring and caressing it. That is how new moms feel right? Plus, just so you also realize how all important this moment is for me, I was an i-pod virgin. This is actually my first ever MP3 player!!! Yes, you may officially welcome me to the year 2010. And for even more sympathy votes, I never had a walkman either, parents did not think I needed one. Do I need to say it is a touch? Is that apparent to apple-savy peeps? Well it is. I think that makes it even better. My first app... the lightsaber... who could have guessed? Only anyone who knows me. Should I name him? Yeah, I think he should be a male. He is far too shiek and slim to be a curvy female. Something with an I... Isaiah... naw...Ignacius... Iggy for short... hmmm... that might be it.

And just so you know it is not just for me... someone else has been tickling Iggy all night.

Awww... Male bonding time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Supurrr

How did everyone enjoy the game? Anybody lose money gambling? What an upset!

Honestly I can say I was impartial. Manning is cute and nicer than that cheater Brady (who I know is not the QB for the Saints, so no comments correcting me, I was merely pointing out he sucks). But I was also slightly annoyed by the whole people-are-still-suffering-from-the-disaster-that-was-five-years-ago-and-since-we-have-been-through-so-much-we-totally-deserve-to-win. Does that mean I am a jerk? Probably, or maybe I just never heard we had changed the name to the Pity Bowl... bwahaha. Avery does not laugh at my jokes either, do not feel bad. Although he usually just stares followed by a, "You think you are so funny." Returned by a, "I am funny." With all the usual dripping mess of sarcasm.

My favorite part is the spread. I am required by law for every family gathering to make deviled eggs. Seriously I have been sent home before because I forgot. My mom rounded it off with teeny-weenies, 7 layer bean dip, chili with homemade true to life southern cornbread, and shrimp (which she did not make, but placed so nicely in a bowl surrounded by a bigger bowl with ice, plus I like shrimp so I had to mention it.) My uncle and aunt brought bucket loads of homemade cookies, brownies, and cheescake... mmmmmm. Probably the most memorable commercials were the ones that said 'See you tomorrow' with the Golds Gym logo.

No, wait! I also liked the commercial with all the guys just staring at the camera going over the list of everything they do... "I will shave. I will wash out the sink after shaving. I will put the toilet seat down. I will carry your lip balm.... etc. And because I do all this I get to drive the kind of car I want to drive." Probably does not hurt that almost everything they were saying I nag Avery about, especially the washing out the sink after shaving bit, all those little black stubs on my freshly cleansed sink drives me to violence. The commercial was for a Dodge Charger... pshaw... no guy I know would choose that as their dream car, but kudos to their marketing team for making me giggle.

Yes, Avery I said kudos... I am witty.

Oh, and the 'punch buggy' for volkswagon. Classic game and Stevie Wonder! HILARIOUS!

What was your favorite?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you ever find...

That you escape to another world/life through movies, books, or games. I feel I have an extremely active imagination, more so than the majority. Not something I am necessarily proud or embarrassed of, just stating it as a fact. I think that makes these escapes more real for me. For instance it takes me days to get over a particularly emotional movie. I become so engrossed in the characters, I almost am the character. Not always a pleasant side effect, "Avery, why did you leave me for 10 years after stabbing your own heart, just to become captain of the flying dutchman!?" There is the other side as well and sometimes when life is difficult... I find it peaceful.

Not saying my life is particularly challenging, more so than others, someone always has it worse. Still... little things can add up. That was not the point of this post. Merely I was wanting to mention a few of the most recent.

First I got to go with girlfriends to see this tonight... Happy Birthday Celina!

Cute. A lot of slapstick comedy, but a happy little predictable chick flick.
Left me in a better mood, after working a full monday.

And just in case the whole nerdiness issue was still an... umm... issue.
This has been the newest...

Saving the galaxy gives me a huge self esteem boost when I am feeling low.

So here's to whatever gets you away from it all some days.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Quest for Truth

I am one of those people that need constant reminders. No matter how many amazing experiences I might have had; after awhile I will forget about them and start to wondering again. For instance my relationship with hubby. Challenging, and sometime I forget how great it can really be. Which is why I guess I am grateful for scrapbooking, journaling, and now blogging. I often go back and read our letters we wrote to each other during my 18 month trip. They remind why this man is perfect for me.

Now take my relationship with Christ, and the church. I suppose the lay person would suppose it easy for me considering the previously mentioned Church mission, but like I said... I forget. I forget those feelings I have received so many times, that tell me what I believe to be true. I need reminding, and I am pretty sure my Heavenly Father knows this.

I enjoy reading and even I guess you can say 'investigating' other religions. I am curious, plus I enjoy seeking truths. I like understanding what they believe and why. I will always remember the quote by President Hinckley on how other churches have the truth, "But let's see if we can't add to it." It makes me smile. So with that being said... I still have alot of questions that I cannot always find answers to. If you wanted to hear my testimony on how I know that being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only way I know I will find those answers eventually, I will give it to you. Oh wait... But still questions, comments, concerns that I would like addressed one day. So I seek. There are those times when so much information can cause you to become troubled. There are so many different opinions, and truths, just how is one supposed to know.

All of this was building up until yesterday. Like a good girl I went to church, mostly because I feel the responsibility for the 15 child class we teach. Which I can see is another way of God helping me out, He knows that is what it takes to get me there. And then once I am there... Whammo! I am sitting in sacrament, and there again... that feeling. I was not even pondering about it or asking. But all of a sudden... peace. I was doing the right thing, I was in the right place, I believe in the right truths.

I might be still seeking my answers for awhile yet but that is what makes this life so exciting. Further growth. Unfortunately sometimes I need a bit of a backtracking... stupid me. Luckily I have someone looking out for me who understands my needs and desires. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Now if He can just help me with my new years resolution.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Contagiousness

My past couple weeks have been spent working and becoming gradually more and more sick. I suppose being in people's mouths all day exposes me to more germs than the average gal, because I seem to get sick alot. I guess it is my indicator I have been working too much lately. =) I will be sure to inform my boss first thing in the morning.

Anyways, I felt the need to post in order to publicly apologize to my friends for my lameness. I miss them and need girl time... soon... after I heal... oh, and it will have to wait until the next time I have a day off... which I think is next week. BOO!

On the plus side all these hours are helping us to pay for yet another car repair bill. And a $2,900 tuition bill for Avery school's... for one bloody semester. *Note to self, it is worth it, it is worth it.*

I did venture out with my family for dinner, to finally celebrate my bigger/younger brother's 22nd birthday, which was two weeks ago. Punk cannot make time for his family anymore. He has made the decision to re-enlist in the marine corps, maybe. If you know him at all, you know that might change a good 2,3, 45 times.

Well, after reading blogs and facebook to feel social again I am off to bed.


Post Script:
Whilst 'resting' this past weekend as my fantastically generous husband taught our 15 children sized primary by himself, I started this little diddy that my brother got for Christmas. Better than the first one by far and causing me to ask Ave what his definition of addicted is.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Coping Mechanism

I bought a new video game. I will not tell you about the one I am anxiously waiting for at the end of this month. Nor will I go into detail about the one I was addicted to over Christmas break. This will not, repeat, will not turn into a gaming blog. I need to remind myself you know. But I do not think that I need to remind you that I am a nerd.

So back to the game...

I will not say I am addicted, because I had the older one and not too much has changed between the two to be terribly interesting. But I will say I stayed up laaaaattte last night playing. And my character had four baby girls all within a few days. So nah-nanny-boo-boo to fate... I showed you didn't I? Ugh, yeah!!

PS I will say I can never be a hermit. I love being around people too much and having my friends close to me. They fill my life with love. Thank you for your well wishes. I am sorry for making it such a pity fest.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Emotional Day

Have you ever bawled hysterically? Like where you cannot stop crying? And your face is all twisted up? And you hope to goodness no one walks in while you are on the bathroom floor with this horrible face? And your mascara is literally painting your cheeks? And your choking on your own snot because you cannot breathe normally while you are bawling? And you keep trying to stop and suck it up, but everytime you take a deep breath and look in the mirror it starts again? And then when you go upstairs finally and manage to start to breathe, your husband looks at you and asks, "Are you having a emotional day?" And it starts all over again? And he holds you in his arms and says how sorry he is and he did not know and how it will all work out and it will happen? And he rubs the same spot on your arm till it goes tingly while you soak his t-shirt with even more tears? And then he asks you 20 minutes later if you feel better and you say, "No..." the same time the waterworks start all over again? And the whole time you are trying to calm down and keep quiet because your parents and little brother are at the dinner table literally four feet away and you do NOT want them asking, "What is the matter?" "Are you okay?" Or telling you "Oh, you are just being crazy/silly/emotional." "It will happen." Even though the whole time you do feel crazy/silly/emotional for letting all of this get so out of hand. And do you probably deep down you know it will happen and everything will work out? But in your head you are thinking it has already been eight months and if it was supposed to happen it would have by now. And you have you somehow convinced yourself that biology does not work for you and obviously you will have to find other means, like E-bay? And while you were at Target buying shaving cream and other items you did not feel like buying ever again and trying not to cry before you got home were staring at a family, justifying stealing, and wondering how long it would take for them to notice? And have you spent the past three days peeing on sticks and looking at names and starting to get excited? And do you think you are a complete idiot for getting your hopes up and you should absolutely know better because obviously you are the one person in the world where something that is supposed to be natural is blatantly un-? And then do the tears start trickling down your cheeks again as you are typing this even though it has now been hours and you are feeling calmer but obviously not as much as you originally thought because here it goes again? And you have a now pounding headache which no amount of aleve will subside? And now again you feel like an idiot for being so crazy/silly/emotional and know all your friends will be unbelievably kind, but you do not want the sympathy? You just felt like venting. And hope that one day you can look back with fondness at this trial in your life?

And did all of this happen because you started your period today?

Monday, January 4, 2010

My True Love Gave To Me

I wanted to wait until I went back to work, today, before I blogged about Christmas. I had this wierd idea if I posted it, that would mean it was really over. We really enjoyed the break; me lot's of time off work and Ave lot's of time away from school. The whole time we just relaxed. Avery did alot of his favorite things; shooting, reloading, looking at guns at cabelas. I ended up playing a video game for 70 hours straight. Yes, yes... I am a nerd.

Anywho, Christmas morning starts with a knock on our bedroom door that 'it is time'. The youngest at the Rhodes' is now 14, so we all slept in until 9 AM. My grandparents made the long trek across the street to watch the unwrapping. I could see why one would want to watch, but I could not help but think it would be more fun with a little-little one... alas, Santa did not leave one in my stocking. Spencer even showed up on time to join in. The whole family together! Rare...

Ave and I had set a $20 limit for each other, lame I know, but we have a massive tuition bill due in 23 days. So Mr. Johnson brings up this big beautifully wrapped box.

Oh, sorry did I say beautifully wrapped, I meant interestingly. You must know that this is the man who taught me how to properly tie a bow. His mother(s) taught him wrapping skills, I know they did. So why the 'unique' packaging... who knows...he said he wanted draw my attention, you got it babe. The whole time I am thinking of the little mini puny remote control car that is waiting in the corner for him and I am panicking.

"Avery did you break the limit?"
"No," He smiles.
"That is for me?"
"And it did not cost more than $20?"
"No." Why is he still smiling? Can he not see how obviously not amusing this is?!
"What is it?"
"You will find out soon."

Grrr... My mind is reviewing possiblities for such a size box. A cricut? Why would he get me a cricut, they are like $300, is he crazy? Will I make him take it back? No, he would not think to buy that for me anyway. What else could it be?

After much paper tearing, I am able to get to the large box. I start to unwrap and see... the automatic trash can my parents just bought at Costco. Grandpa sees it from across the room.
"What you got there? Oh, a trash can, that's interesting."
You have no idea grandpa. Okay... a few thoughts flick through my mind...He obviously scavenged the box. Still what could fit inside this. Is he just being funny? Is it ridiculously small? What would he get me that is ridiculously small? What would he get me anyway? I thought I had him pegged, but now I have no idea what he could have come up with... You would be surprised how fast my brain works.

Then I open the automatic trash can box and the aroma hits me full on. OH!

Are they not loverly?
Tee hee...

And that's not all folks. He then drags out a full length mirror... cheap one from wal-mart, I made sure we did not break the limit I won't have to stand on the tub anymore to make sure my shoes look good with my top. Awww...look who pays attention!

The rest of the day was a success. To the Rhodes parents the entire Star Trek series... original to the Trekkies who wish to pout, and remastered so in yo' face. The bros received Star Wars related gifts, I had a theme going and kept it once I realized it... like first season of clone wars and a cook book called Wookie Cookies: and other Star Wars related recipes. I like the title. Say it aloud. Wookie Cookies. You will like it too. The family got Beatles rock band... rocks... and I got a video game called Dragon Age which then took up the rest of my life until I beat it. Avery also received an airbrushing kit which he wants to first practice on my four-wheeling helmet. I am going to make him paint flowers and not the skull he wants, it is my helmet after all.

Ave's step mom made me a cute ruffly apron, we got new down pillows, and Ave's grandmother put together a binder of geneology, complete with photos and stories. Best gift of the night! All the aunts and uncles wanted to look through it.

Moving on to New Year's Eve, which originally was supposed to be eventful, with friend and family parties in spades. Then last minute I fell ill, and ended up falling asleep on the couch until like 10 PM. Boo! I like socializing and forcing Ave to. At midnight I was alone watching Ryan Seacrest count down with a post stroke Dick Clark (which always makes me sad...Why is he still on tv? To make me cry?) Avery was outside with the father and sibling lighting fireworks. I pouted that I did not get my new years kiss. I have 23 years to make up here!! Okay, maybe I should only count since dating age... point is I still enjoy the tradition.

To all who are within the click of my post, my new years resolution is to:


and yes, I mean in that way... do not censor me.

Our family goal is entitled: Project Clean House, which excites me.

And I would still also like to fulfill my 2009 resolution of kicking the caffeine habit... boo! Who can give up Dr Pepper? I cannot fathom how it is done. The few times were forced ie: MTC and tonsilectomy.

For all my friends and family I wish you much success and happiness in the new decade. May we live long and prosper.