Monday, January 4, 2010

My True Love Gave To Me

I wanted to wait until I went back to work, today, before I blogged about Christmas. I had this wierd idea if I posted it, that would mean it was really over. We really enjoyed the break; me lot's of time off work and Ave lot's of time away from school. The whole time we just relaxed. Avery did alot of his favorite things; shooting, reloading, looking at guns at cabelas. I ended up playing a video game for 70 hours straight. Yes, yes... I am a nerd.

Anywho, Christmas morning starts with a knock on our bedroom door that 'it is time'. The youngest at the Rhodes' is now 14, so we all slept in until 9 AM. My grandparents made the long trek across the street to watch the unwrapping. I could see why one would want to watch, but I could not help but think it would be more fun with a little-little one... alas, Santa did not leave one in my stocking. Spencer even showed up on time to join in. The whole family together! Rare...

Ave and I had set a $20 limit for each other, lame I know, but we have a massive tuition bill due in 23 days. So Mr. Johnson brings up this big beautifully wrapped box.

Oh, sorry did I say beautifully wrapped, I meant interestingly. You must know that this is the man who taught me how to properly tie a bow. His mother(s) taught him wrapping skills, I know they did. So why the 'unique' packaging... who knows...he said he wanted draw my attention, you got it babe. The whole time I am thinking of the little mini puny remote control car that is waiting in the corner for him and I am panicking.

"Avery did you break the limit?"
"No," He smiles.
"That is for me?"
"And it did not cost more than $20?"
"No." Why is he still smiling? Can he not see how obviously not amusing this is?!
"What is it?"
"You will find out soon."

Grrr... My mind is reviewing possiblities for such a size box. A cricut? Why would he get me a cricut, they are like $300, is he crazy? Will I make him take it back? No, he would not think to buy that for me anyway. What else could it be?

After much paper tearing, I am able to get to the large box. I start to unwrap and see... the automatic trash can my parents just bought at Costco. Grandpa sees it from across the room.
"What you got there? Oh, a trash can, that's interesting."
You have no idea grandpa. Okay... a few thoughts flick through my mind...He obviously scavenged the box. Still what could fit inside this. Is he just being funny? Is it ridiculously small? What would he get me that is ridiculously small? What would he get me anyway? I thought I had him pegged, but now I have no idea what he could have come up with... You would be surprised how fast my brain works.

Then I open the automatic trash can box and the aroma hits me full on. OH!

Are they not loverly?
Tee hee...

And that's not all folks. He then drags out a full length mirror... cheap one from wal-mart, I made sure we did not break the limit I won't have to stand on the tub anymore to make sure my shoes look good with my top. Awww...look who pays attention!

The rest of the day was a success. To the Rhodes parents the entire Star Trek series... original to the Trekkies who wish to pout, and remastered so in yo' face. The bros received Star Wars related gifts, I had a theme going and kept it once I realized it... like first season of clone wars and a cook book called Wookie Cookies: and other Star Wars related recipes. I like the title. Say it aloud. Wookie Cookies. You will like it too. The family got Beatles rock band... rocks... and I got a video game called Dragon Age which then took up the rest of my life until I beat it. Avery also received an airbrushing kit which he wants to first practice on my four-wheeling helmet. I am going to make him paint flowers and not the skull he wants, it is my helmet after all.

Ave's step mom made me a cute ruffly apron, we got new down pillows, and Ave's grandmother put together a binder of geneology, complete with photos and stories. Best gift of the night! All the aunts and uncles wanted to look through it.

Moving on to New Year's Eve, which originally was supposed to be eventful, with friend and family parties in spades. Then last minute I fell ill, and ended up falling asleep on the couch until like 10 PM. Boo! I like socializing and forcing Ave to. At midnight I was alone watching Ryan Seacrest count down with a post stroke Dick Clark (which always makes me sad...Why is he still on tv? To make me cry?) Avery was outside with the father and sibling lighting fireworks. I pouted that I did not get my new years kiss. I have 23 years to make up here!! Okay, maybe I should only count since dating age... point is I still enjoy the tradition.

To all who are within the click of my post, my new years resolution is to:


and yes, I mean in that way... do not censor me.

Our family goal is entitled: Project Clean House, which excites me.

And I would still also like to fulfill my 2009 resolution of kicking the caffeine habit... boo! Who can give up Dr Pepper? I cannot fathom how it is done. The few times were forced ie: MTC and tonsilectomy.

For all my friends and family I wish you much success and happiness in the new decade. May we live long and prosper.


webster farm said...

Cute post, you make me laugh! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Years despite the "new years kiss and sickness". I love your resolution... It will happen!

Vaughn and Shelby said...

Vaughn and I had a budget of $25. Its amazing what you can get for that. Its the thought that really counts. Your flowers are beautiful. What a sweetheart! We ended up spending most of our money on Bri anyways. If it makes you feel any better..I didn't get much of a New Years kiss either...we were both down with the flu and went to bed early.

Blake and Audra said...

What a fun Christmas!! I'm glad you had a good one. Sorry about New Year's though. No kiss is no fun. I'm sure you made up though. :) You WILL "conceive" this year. I know it!! You will be the cutest little mommy!!