Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Updates

I have yet to get to my parents with my camera in hand to download photos. Really, nothing too exciting just family and good friends. It was really nice to have Avery around alot during his school break and me not working alot either. I got my husband back!!! =) We enjoyed Christmas Eve with his mom and extended family, extended doesn't quite describe the amount of people. Then Christmas morning Ave woke me up and then left to go shovel snow. We weren't supposed to get anything for each other this year. But I cheated. So I was slightly upset that he just up and ran out, we were doing Christmas at my parents. I walked the three houses down in my pj's and asked if he noticed anything from Santa at home. He kind of smiled and said we weren't supposed to get each other anything, but did I want him to come back for a minute and have our morning. He's learning quickly. He opened his three t-shirts (big sarcastic YAY) and our family gift from Santa, a snow tube for behind the four wheeler. All the while he kept saying what a brat I was because he felt bad he hadn't gotten anything for me. I just kept smiling and saying no biggie I didn't care at all. I just wanted him to have something from me. He's been working so hard so that we can have a good future, and he never gets anything new. Where as me the shopper.... hehehe. Then we walked back over to my parents and started getting breakfast ready. He asked if I noticed something on the mantle, I looked up, and there were a dozen beautiful roses. Christmas Roses!!! and the cutest letter (private) and an Avery time coupon with unlimited uses. I just kept grinning and smelling the roses and saying, "You said you hadn't gotten me anything!" It was a great Christmas! The best part is he told me later when he was in line the day before the lady behind him commented, "That's a great gift." He replied, "Yeah, my wife said we weren't supposed to get each other gifts this year. But I assume that means they just have to be really, really cheap." She just laughed, "You're a smart man." He is isn't he?
After Christmas with Rhodes' we headed over to Ave's dads for the afternoon. The rest of the day was eating and playing the new toys.
I was excited to receive an invitation for New Years Eve to a party. Very rare for us to go out anywhere except to my parents house. Celina had a birthday party planned for her husband Trevor. It was great to hang out and be with a bunch of my friends. Afterwords I kept commenting to Ave how much I like being around my friends, especially since all their husbands are cool and all the guys can get along and hang out with no akwardness. And how it seems like we all have the same values and priorities in our lives. It's just cool to see after all this time how we are almost all in the same place in our lives. It's so fun to talk about things going on and seeing how much we've all grown and yet we can still laugh with each other.
On the drive over an Ace of Base song came on the radio and I couldn't help but getting hysterical. Exactly six years ago, those same friends and I were jumping on a bed, busting out Ace of Base all night, singing at the top of our lungs and ringing in the new year. Oh how we've matured... hahaha... not really. We still spent the night jumping up and down and singing at the top of out lungs... but Rock Band is totally legit.
I've thought about resolutions but those never seem to work for me... so I've decided on a quest. To be all little bit better at a little bit of everything. Thank you President Hinckley.