Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worst Date...s

So I think Em meant me Jenn by tagging me. Even so I have some stories to tell. Why is it there are so many crazies out there?! There was my good friend that I took to a dance because my best friends were dating his best friends so I mentioned it might be fun just to all go together. But we were just friends! I had no interest, and had told him. So the whole night he kept trying to hold my hand, and would not leave me alone. Then I go to drop him off and he kisses me. Like sticks his tongue down my throat. I had no idea what to do, I just hurried and left without saying anything, leaving him on the porch. I started bawling, by the time I got home I was histerical. My parents were sitting on the couch and my dad asked what was wrong, all I could sob was, "HE KISSED ME!!! And I didn't want him to!" And my dad, the over-protective, 'I'm cleaning my shotgun' to any boyfriend dad LAUGHED!!! The worst was I had told my friends and the guy found out and asked me one day, "Did you really cry when I kissed you?" Poor guy, but yes, to make matters worse my friends continued to encourage the crush, even though I repeatedly made it clear I was not going to entertain the thought. And one day they locked me in the car with him, alone, where he ambushed me with a song he had written for me, about how much he liked.. loved me.. too bad I was not interested. Poor kid, but still how awful!!!
That's pretty much the worse, but one time this kid in college asked me on a date. Turns out he had a girlfriend, who was ugly, and he had set me up with his wierdo friend. The whole night was so awkward, and when he went to take me home, his friend (the kid I had a crush on) and his girlfriend had written JUST MARRIED on the back windshield and made us take a picture in front of it... KILL ME!!! Never saw him again!
I could give some more... but for another day.
I tag Audra, Celina, Cea, and Hanna... even though I can probably guess hers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Social Butterfly

Anyone who has known me for a little bit, knows that I really enjoy being around people.
Doesn't matter if I fit in or even participate, there's just something about being where the action is. Plus I really HATE being alone. So with being so terribly bored the last few weekends and feeling stuck without Ave, I planned our whole weekend around visiting friends. Now I usually see my friends frequently, I do lunch with someone every week. I have to. It's my lifeline. But then when Ave comes home it's rare we go do something or see his friends. So friday we went to the Bond movie with his best friend. Then Saturday we went with my best friends from high school Celina and Shelby. We had a game night and it was a blast.
Shelby and her husband Vaughn.

Celina and her husband Trevor.

Avery and Celina's daughter, Ari. They have fun together!

Celina's little boy, Kason. Isn't he adorable.

After we left I was telling Ave how nice it was to be out with friends. Some weekends just sitting at home with a pizza and a movie is what the doctor ordered. But there are those times where I need to be around people, and friends, and children, and other girls! =) The next day we had sunday dinner with Hanna and Cody! Thanks again Hanna, the potatoes were delicious.

So here's to friends! Thanks to all of mine for always adding something to my life. I wouldn't be the same without each one of you. And to my husband who might be a little bit quieter and less likely to want to go out, but will go with me, because he loves me! And it doesn't hurt that he likes all my friend's hubby's.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bond... Avery Bond?

Last night we went and saw the new Bond movie with Ave's best friend and his girlfriend. It was really good by the way. I love Daniel Craig as 007, he does such a good job. We were talking about it afterward. I like to joke that Ave kinda looks like Daniel Craig. And after this movie we were noticing some personality similarities. I married James Bond!!! Hahaha, only it's the closed off, showing no emotion, just getting the job done, taking the hits and keep on running Bond who's my companion. What's fun about these past two movies is you can see how he really is affected by the woman in his life. He does have emotions, he just does a really good job at controlling them. It makes a way more of a believable character and scarily similar to my own hubby. Every once in a while he'll show me that chink. =) Oh, and he's just as, if not more gorgeous. Sorry ladies! All mine.
By the way... if anyone is looking for a more formal review, a good friend of mine is a movie critic. Check him out at any time, he's the only one I usually listen to.
He just reviewed Quantum of Solace.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekend... week

We kind of had a lame Halloween. We didn't have any parties to go to, no trick or treaters come to our little basement door, and Ave didn't want to dress up. I did for work on Thursday. That was fun. But Halloween, we just ended up sitting at home watching a zombie movie. Semi halloweeny but not really. I had told Aves a few days before that I can't wait until we have kids because then we can do things like carve pumpkins and go out. He told me I could do that now, but I would be alone. BOO! =) I did make pumpkin bread trying to be festive and channel the goodies. Still it was fun just the two of us. One day I'll miss these times, but it is fun to have a house full of giggles and ghouls. I can't wait.
This week has just been normal life. Work all day and school until the wee hours of the night. I have been proud, I'm keeping up my goal of going to the gym. But often I just spend the night at the gym or watching t.v. while Ave is in the kitchen doing homework. Borring! Hopefully one day he'll graduate and I'll get my husband back.