Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bond... Avery Bond?

Last night we went and saw the new Bond movie with Ave's best friend and his girlfriend. It was really good by the way. I love Daniel Craig as 007, he does such a good job. We were talking about it afterward. I like to joke that Ave kinda looks like Daniel Craig. And after this movie we were noticing some personality similarities. I married James Bond!!! Hahaha, only it's the closed off, showing no emotion, just getting the job done, taking the hits and keep on running Bond who's my companion. What's fun about these past two movies is you can see how he really is affected by the woman in his life. He does have emotions, he just does a really good job at controlling them. It makes a way more of a believable character and scarily similar to my own hubby. Every once in a while he'll show me that chink. =) Oh, and he's just as, if not more gorgeous. Sorry ladies! All mine.
By the way... if anyone is looking for a more formal review, a good friend of mine is a movie critic. Check him out at any time, he's the only one I usually listen to.
He just reviewed Quantum of Solace.


Heidi and Kevin said...

jenn where are you i have not seen you forever!!! call me love you

Em said...

I need to see that movie. I heard it was really good.