Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Bloody Mess

During sacrament meeting (yes, I do pay attention) I turn to Ave and say, "Look. Look at my veins. They are blue. See inside me, it is blue. But when it comes out and I show it to you, it is red. Then it is red Avery."
He sort of looked at me funny.
"See Avery. I have blue blood on the inside, but then I bleed red. Get it?!" Wide eyes at this moment help to transmit my meaning telepathically.
"So you are saying deep down you are a BYU fan, but you will be a Utah fan for me."
Sarcastically shake my head, "No, Avery I am a Utah fan all the way."

Which to choose, which to choose?

To both sides... nice battle.

Avery is right. For BYU having their highest scoring QB and RB they sure did not put up much of a fight. And for Utah having a newbie team, they held up there own. Plus, I think the ref's were idiots. Was it there first time ever? 'The play has been confirmed.' What is that?!

He sure did not appreciate my joke after the game. I was drinking a V8 fusion (good stuff) it went down the wrong tube and I started coughing. Ave first questioned if I was dying, then asked what happened.

"I choked Avery. Kind of like how Utah did tonight."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Gratitude

My parents do not do the whole go-around-the-table-saying-one-thing-you-are-grateful-for thing. I will have to wait and see if I employ some sort of the tradition with our own chiildren. Considering it is Thanksgiving I feel I must give thanks in some form to my Maker. As holier than thou it is of me to blog about it... I just really like writing.
After being sick all day today... it always seems to be on a holiday... I will start out by saying I am grateful for good health. It is amazing how you take it for granted until one day you do not have it. I am grateful for my husband. Our relationship has definitely been a growing experience, but no matter what my husband loves me. I cannot take that fact for granted. To be loved. And the opportunity to love. It teaches me. I love my Avery with all my heart.
I am grateful for family and friends. I seem to have collected friends from different times in my life and each adds a new dimension to my growth. I can turn to my friends at any time for anything.
I love good food and flavors. A good book, movie, and music puts a smile on my face. Dancing, even in the kitchen for the puppy dogs, brings joy to my heart no matter what.
The gospel of Jesus Christ fulfills what I know in my soul and lightens my burdens. My Savior brings hope to my weaknesses.
All in all, life is good. I am grateful for the experience of it, even when it is hard. Even the challenges we are experiencing now, I am thankful for. As much as I wish more than anything I could be pregnant right now; growing, planning, and glowing, I am not. And from that I am learning empathy and appreciation for the miracle that is life. One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, when that little double line appears, I will remember with fondness the time I had to prepare. And I will be grateful to be a mother.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Cosmetic Work

I have recently made some big changes in my appearance. Can you tell? Here is the after...

Can you tell? Do you see it? No, it is not the haircut. I have been better about sticking to one style at a time. No!!! Jeez, how do you see that?!

I will give you a hint. Here is the before.

Bwahaha! Suckers! I had braces for 21 months and some of you had no idea. You see how sneaky I am, in that I never load photos where you can really tell. Mwahaha!
Enough of that, but do they not look fantastic. I am thrilled and can safely say, now that I am past that point, it was worth it. Most of you are probably akin to my husband, in the fact you did not think I needed braces in the first place. I can only contribute it to the 'curse of what I do for a living' (that would be a good zombie movie). I knew I could fix my smile. I knew it needed fixing. Who wants to come get braces when their assistant's teeth are not perfect. Now they are!!! Plus sides, my smile has widened and my TMJ related headaches are a thing of the past. It was not all just for vain, cosmetic reasons here folks. Lookie at the real, real before.

Can you not see the drastic improvement? Okay, maybe not, but I can, and that is all that matters. Now to just work on my other half. I know he is already ridiculously good looking, but I could make some slight improvements.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Viral Outbreak

This past weekend at our house we had an episode with the H1N1 virus. It sure made for a fun holiday, let me tell you. Of course my dad would bring it home first, stupid sick patients (KIDDING). It went through every member of the family and all healed quickly, except for one. Austin started acting kind of funny. Apparently the high fever affected his brain more than the rest of us. He started experiencing swelling, which caused some strange symptoms. He would stagger through the house, mumbling to himself. He started ignoring his personal hygiene (started...hehehe). Probably the most noticeable was his sudden request for raw meat for dinner. RAW! He just gobbled it straight from the fridge, bloody raw meat. He loved it! Started mumbling 'Flesh' all the time. Good thing I am work during the day because I would not want to be around him all day. Then Saturday, the rest of us had gone out to lunch to celebrate our new found health, again. We came home to a strange sight.

We at first concerned for Austin's safety. Especially, when after we walked through the house he was no where to be found. Then the neighbor's came over, they were all asking if we had seen their dog... cat... child etc. What in the world was going on? Where was Austin? Later that night we found him hiding in the yard chewing on a chicken. He looked just awful!

We posted signs throughout the yard "Beware of Zombies" but all night could hear the screams of small children. Apparently, they were not old enough to read yet. Finally we came up with a plan. Dad had been working on a cure all week and decided it was time. We cornered him in the yard, sprayed him down with the hose to subdue, while father sprang with the injection. Austin howled but soon fell asleep. We were able to carry him inside, shower him off, and soon he could be found munching on Snickers bars. Far better than flesh. He has been doing much better, thank you. Looks like he will be back to his old self in no time. Thank for your concerns!

p.s. We deeply apologize to our neighbors for any inconveniences/dismemberments Austin's illness may have caused.