Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Cosmetic Work

I have recently made some big changes in my appearance. Can you tell? Here is the after...

Can you tell? Do you see it? No, it is not the haircut. I have been better about sticking to one style at a time. No!!! Jeez, how do you see that?!

I will give you a hint. Here is the before.

Bwahaha! Suckers! I had braces for 21 months and some of you had no idea. You see how sneaky I am, in that I never load photos where you can really tell. Mwahaha!
Enough of that, but do they not look fantastic. I am thrilled and can safely say, now that I am past that point, it was worth it. Most of you are probably akin to my husband, in the fact you did not think I needed braces in the first place. I can only contribute it to the 'curse of what I do for a living' (that would be a good zombie movie). I knew I could fix my smile. I knew it needed fixing. Who wants to come get braces when their assistant's teeth are not perfect. Now they are!!! Plus sides, my smile has widened and my TMJ related headaches are a thing of the past. It was not all just for vain, cosmetic reasons here folks. Lookie at the real, real before.

Can you not see the drastic improvement? Okay, maybe not, but I can, and that is all that matters. Now to just work on my other half. I know he is already ridiculously good looking, but I could make some slight improvements.

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Blake and Audra said...

HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!! Jenn!! They look SO amazing! You KNOW I can see the difference. :) you are SO GORGEOUS! To be honest, I'm kind of surprised he took them off ever. Now does Gabby get them? Congratulations on the new you. AND...the haircut is way cute too!