Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Gratitude

My parents do not do the whole go-around-the-table-saying-one-thing-you-are-grateful-for thing. I will have to wait and see if I employ some sort of the tradition with our own chiildren. Considering it is Thanksgiving I feel I must give thanks in some form to my Maker. As holier than thou it is of me to blog about it... I just really like writing.
After being sick all day today... it always seems to be on a holiday... I will start out by saying I am grateful for good health. It is amazing how you take it for granted until one day you do not have it. I am grateful for my husband. Our relationship has definitely been a growing experience, but no matter what my husband loves me. I cannot take that fact for granted. To be loved. And the opportunity to love. It teaches me. I love my Avery with all my heart.
I am grateful for family and friends. I seem to have collected friends from different times in my life and each adds a new dimension to my growth. I can turn to my friends at any time for anything.
I love good food and flavors. A good book, movie, and music puts a smile on my face. Dancing, even in the kitchen for the puppy dogs, brings joy to my heart no matter what.
The gospel of Jesus Christ fulfills what I know in my soul and lightens my burdens. My Savior brings hope to my weaknesses.
All in all, life is good. I am grateful for the experience of it, even when it is hard. Even the challenges we are experiencing now, I am thankful for. As much as I wish more than anything I could be pregnant right now; growing, planning, and glowing, I am not. And from that I am learning empathy and appreciation for the miracle that is life. One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, when that little double line appears, I will remember with fondness the time I had to prepare. And I will be grateful to be a mother.

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Blake and Audra said...

This is so awesome, Jenn! You have definitely inspired me to look around me and think of all things I'm grateful for. I don't do this nearly enough. Thank you for sharing your gratitude! Love ya girly!