Monday, June 29, 2009

My transition period

Moving in with your parents sucks. Really, no matter how you look at it, it's never a positive thing. You feel almost like a failure, can't make it on your own. Even though that's not why we're moving in... it sort of feels that way. No we didn't have a massive financial crisis, it's just best for now. Still make you feel sad. Especially when you tell people, "Oh, that's nice." We left our little one bedroom apartment of two years, to a one bedroom basement suite to call ours. Not much. Trust me I know it's for the best. I'm very grateful to my family for all their hard work renovating our little suite. Still packing all my kitchen stuff that I won't see for years, sucks. I'll admit I cried to see my little dishes disappear. I like my stuff.
Enough whining. I am terribly excited, as is my husband. We get to move on with our lives, as in start a family. YAY!!!!!!! =) Biggest grin ever on my face. My parents are amazing for giving us our space and volunteering their future time. It's the only way it could work out and we wanted to do it. As much as it sucked. I like my stuff.
Considering I haven't bloggged it... it still happened. Avery had his 26th birthday and I had my 25th. That makes me feel old. I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore. It's amusing to watch expressions from people's reactions from when I used to say 21-23, "Oh you're still very young you have time!" To now 25, "Oh, honey. It's probably a good idea to start thinking of a baby." What?

Do you want to see what I did for my birthday?

No I didn't get drunk. But I did get to go to Vegas with some good friends. We went to Wolfgang Puck's for dinner, Bellagio fountains shopping at HM, chick flicks, and sugar. MMMM.... Way fun! Kiitos ystavat! Makes a girl feel young to be a girl. 25... I am officially in the middle and officially on my way to growing up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My sweet tooth

Saw this online today. I must find these!!!!!