Monday, February 15, 2010

So my husband says to me...

Last week I am telling him about how one of my co-workers got these beautiful flowers at work (no hints right, purely just sharing) and he says to me...
"You know you aren't getting those right?"
"Yes. I know"
Trust me I did know. Avery is very romantic at heart... I have proof in 18 months worth of love letters (which I never hold over his head) but... he is also quite the engineer. Very logical and calculated. Just because it is a want, does not mean it is a need. Flowers, a want, not a neeed. Shoes, a want, not a need. Affection, a want not a need.
Then, get this, he says, "I already got your present."
WHAT!!! Again see paragraph above to fully comprehend my flabbergast-ness.
"But I didn't get you anything," now I am at a loss, we usually do not do gifts.
"You don't need to. Valentines day is just for women."
"But...but... ummm..." racking my brain for anything he would want, "Oh I have an idea for your present."
"Okay, Jenn," no emotion.
"And it involves lace," as I smile and blush simultaneously (it is a gift.) Did I mention how much I like to dress up?
"Okay, Jenn." Deadpan. Could have fooled me about being a romantic.

Saturday night, Apollo (the dog) carries a little box in his mouth by the cute white bow (name that commercial.) As Avery carries roses in and sets them on the ottoman.
"Happy Valentines Day. I love you very much."

Then picks up the laptop he left on the couch and starts reading about alcohol content again (him and my dad have this 'project' to make fuel.)
Who cares?! I am grinning and find a beautiful pearl ring to match my pearl necklace Ave bought for his future wife on his mission in the Phillippines (I got that for my birthday a month before we got married.) This lady here in Lehi buys the same pearls from the same ladies in the Phillippines and sells them trying to help better their lives. It is a very sweet story. And now I have an adorable ring to match. Not only do I love my pearl collection, but also their back story and origins. And he got me another piece. How cute is that!
Mostly I could not believe he planned ahead. He thought about it! About what he wanted to get me. Found it, bought it, wrapped it. Wow! This is the kind of romance this boy is capable of. This is when he takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes. I do not mean to brag, but he is lovely. I definitely believe this statement with all my heart.

It's the thought that counts.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Craftyness

Check out this little gem (teehee, get it?) that I made tonight for my Valentine's outfit tomorrow. Now I just need to put together the skirt, top, shoes, and whatever else a Lover's Day outfit needs... for church... don't be dirty.

All you need is some tulle, rhinestones, and hot glue. Going here helps too.

Happy Day o' Love everyone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Bailout

Lookie what the government gave me. Okay technically they only gave me a portion of the money they have been borrowing over the entire 2009 calendar year.


Peek-a-boo, I see you.

This reminds me far too much of those damn stickers on cd cases.

In all its shiny glory. AHHHHHH... (choir of angels singing.)
Side note: this was meant to be my Christmas present originally, but Avery thought a few other things were more important (read that with a snide little voice) like car registration and university tuition. BOO!

I feel like a new mother. I am so proud, and cannot stop staring and caressing it. That is how new moms feel right? Plus, just so you also realize how all important this moment is for me, I was an i-pod virgin. This is actually my first ever MP3 player!!! Yes, you may officially welcome me to the year 2010. And for even more sympathy votes, I never had a walkman either, parents did not think I needed one. Do I need to say it is a touch? Is that apparent to apple-savy peeps? Well it is. I think that makes it even better. My first app... the lightsaber... who could have guessed? Only anyone who knows me. Should I name him? Yeah, I think he should be a male. He is far too shiek and slim to be a curvy female. Something with an I... Isaiah... naw...Ignacius... Iggy for short... hmmm... that might be it.

And just so you know it is not just for me... someone else has been tickling Iggy all night.

Awww... Male bonding time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Supurrr

How did everyone enjoy the game? Anybody lose money gambling? What an upset!

Honestly I can say I was impartial. Manning is cute and nicer than that cheater Brady (who I know is not the QB for the Saints, so no comments correcting me, I was merely pointing out he sucks). But I was also slightly annoyed by the whole people-are-still-suffering-from-the-disaster-that-was-five-years-ago-and-since-we-have-been-through-so-much-we-totally-deserve-to-win. Does that mean I am a jerk? Probably, or maybe I just never heard we had changed the name to the Pity Bowl... bwahaha. Avery does not laugh at my jokes either, do not feel bad. Although he usually just stares followed by a, "You think you are so funny." Returned by a, "I am funny." With all the usual dripping mess of sarcasm.

My favorite part is the spread. I am required by law for every family gathering to make deviled eggs. Seriously I have been sent home before because I forgot. My mom rounded it off with teeny-weenies, 7 layer bean dip, chili with homemade true to life southern cornbread, and shrimp (which she did not make, but placed so nicely in a bowl surrounded by a bigger bowl with ice, plus I like shrimp so I had to mention it.) My uncle and aunt brought bucket loads of homemade cookies, brownies, and cheescake... mmmmmm. Probably the most memorable commercials were the ones that said 'See you tomorrow' with the Golds Gym logo.

No, wait! I also liked the commercial with all the guys just staring at the camera going over the list of everything they do... "I will shave. I will wash out the sink after shaving. I will put the toilet seat down. I will carry your lip balm.... etc. And because I do all this I get to drive the kind of car I want to drive." Probably does not hurt that almost everything they were saying I nag Avery about, especially the washing out the sink after shaving bit, all those little black stubs on my freshly cleansed sink drives me to violence. The commercial was for a Dodge Charger... pshaw... no guy I know would choose that as their dream car, but kudos to their marketing team for making me giggle.

Yes, Avery I said kudos... I am witty.

Oh, and the 'punch buggy' for volkswagon. Classic game and Stevie Wonder! HILARIOUS!

What was your favorite?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you ever find...

That you escape to another world/life through movies, books, or games. I feel I have an extremely active imagination, more so than the majority. Not something I am necessarily proud or embarrassed of, just stating it as a fact. I think that makes these escapes more real for me. For instance it takes me days to get over a particularly emotional movie. I become so engrossed in the characters, I almost am the character. Not always a pleasant side effect, "Avery, why did you leave me for 10 years after stabbing your own heart, just to become captain of the flying dutchman!?" There is the other side as well and sometimes when life is difficult... I find it peaceful.

Not saying my life is particularly challenging, more so than others, someone always has it worse. Still... little things can add up. That was not the point of this post. Merely I was wanting to mention a few of the most recent.

First I got to go with girlfriends to see this tonight... Happy Birthday Celina!

Cute. A lot of slapstick comedy, but a happy little predictable chick flick.
Left me in a better mood, after working a full monday.

And just in case the whole nerdiness issue was still an... umm... issue.
This has been the newest...

Saving the galaxy gives me a huge self esteem boost when I am feeling low.

So here's to whatever gets you away from it all some days.