Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you ever find...

That you escape to another world/life through movies, books, or games. I feel I have an extremely active imagination, more so than the majority. Not something I am necessarily proud or embarrassed of, just stating it as a fact. I think that makes these escapes more real for me. For instance it takes me days to get over a particularly emotional movie. I become so engrossed in the characters, I almost am the character. Not always a pleasant side effect, "Avery, why did you leave me for 10 years after stabbing your own heart, just to become captain of the flying dutchman!?" There is the other side as well and sometimes when life is difficult... I find it peaceful.

Not saying my life is particularly challenging, more so than others, someone always has it worse. Still... little things can add up. That was not the point of this post. Merely I was wanting to mention a few of the most recent.

First I got to go with girlfriends to see this tonight... Happy Birthday Celina!

Cute. A lot of slapstick comedy, but a happy little predictable chick flick.
Left me in a better mood, after working a full monday.

And just in case the whole nerdiness issue was still an... umm... issue.
This has been the newest...

Saving the galaxy gives me a huge self esteem boost when I am feeling low.

So here's to whatever gets you away from it all some days.

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BJ and Sherrie Benson said...

It was fun to see you at the movie :) You looked so cute!