Monday, February 8, 2010

My Supurrr

How did everyone enjoy the game? Anybody lose money gambling? What an upset!

Honestly I can say I was impartial. Manning is cute and nicer than that cheater Brady (who I know is not the QB for the Saints, so no comments correcting me, I was merely pointing out he sucks). But I was also slightly annoyed by the whole people-are-still-suffering-from-the-disaster-that-was-five-years-ago-and-since-we-have-been-through-so-much-we-totally-deserve-to-win. Does that mean I am a jerk? Probably, or maybe I just never heard we had changed the name to the Pity Bowl... bwahaha. Avery does not laugh at my jokes either, do not feel bad. Although he usually just stares followed by a, "You think you are so funny." Returned by a, "I am funny." With all the usual dripping mess of sarcasm.

My favorite part is the spread. I am required by law for every family gathering to make deviled eggs. Seriously I have been sent home before because I forgot. My mom rounded it off with teeny-weenies, 7 layer bean dip, chili with homemade true to life southern cornbread, and shrimp (which she did not make, but placed so nicely in a bowl surrounded by a bigger bowl with ice, plus I like shrimp so I had to mention it.) My uncle and aunt brought bucket loads of homemade cookies, brownies, and cheescake... mmmmmm. Probably the most memorable commercials were the ones that said 'See you tomorrow' with the Golds Gym logo.

No, wait! I also liked the commercial with all the guys just staring at the camera going over the list of everything they do... "I will shave. I will wash out the sink after shaving. I will put the toilet seat down. I will carry your lip balm.... etc. And because I do all this I get to drive the kind of car I want to drive." Probably does not hurt that almost everything they were saying I nag Avery about, especially the washing out the sink after shaving bit, all those little black stubs on my freshly cleansed sink drives me to violence. The commercial was for a Dodge Charger... pshaw... no guy I know would choose that as their dream car, but kudos to their marketing team for making me giggle.

Yes, Avery I said kudos... I am witty.

Oh, and the 'punch buggy' for volkswagon. Classic game and Stevie Wonder! HILARIOUS!

What was your favorite?

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Blake and Audra said...

oh my goodness! How HAPPY I am that someone had the guts to say what I was thinking. I do not feel bad for the Saints team for living in a state that everyone knows at any time could be hit by a hurricane. I mean really, they should just abandon that state. And, I bet money that none of the team members lost a million dollar mansion to the hurricane. What should we bet? I don't think you're a jerk at all for saying that cause that's what Blake and I were saying the whole time. It was like, all these commercials to make people remember what they went through but it's not about that... it's about who can play freaking football!! Aaahhh I can relax now. Thank you, Jen for letting me release what I've been keeping in! Oh, my favorite commercial was the one with Betty White playing football and the careerbuilders one where everyone was in their undies. Nice PANTS, Bill!!