Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Bailout

Lookie what the government gave me. Okay technically they only gave me a portion of the money they have been borrowing over the entire 2009 calendar year.


Peek-a-boo, I see you.

This reminds me far too much of those damn stickers on cd cases.

In all its shiny glory. AHHHHHH... (choir of angels singing.)
Side note: this was meant to be my Christmas present originally, but Avery thought a few other things were more important (read that with a snide little voice) like car registration and university tuition. BOO!

I feel like a new mother. I am so proud, and cannot stop staring and caressing it. That is how new moms feel right? Plus, just so you also realize how all important this moment is for me, I was an i-pod virgin. This is actually my first ever MP3 player!!! Yes, you may officially welcome me to the year 2010. And for even more sympathy votes, I never had a walkman either, parents did not think I needed one. Do I need to say it is a touch? Is that apparent to apple-savy peeps? Well it is. I think that makes it even better. My first app... the lightsaber... who could have guessed? Only anyone who knows me. Should I name him? Yeah, I think he should be a male. He is far too shiek and slim to be a curvy female. Something with an I... Isaiah... naw...Ignacius... Iggy for short... hmmm... that might be it.

And just so you know it is not just for me... someone else has been tickling Iggy all night.

Awww... Male bonding time.

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Vaughn and Shelby said...

I'm surprise that's your first ipod! You out of all people always had every new cd and new song! Have fun with it. We should play scrabble together now. Get the ap!