Monday, January 25, 2010

My Quest for Truth

I am one of those people that need constant reminders. No matter how many amazing experiences I might have had; after awhile I will forget about them and start to wondering again. For instance my relationship with hubby. Challenging, and sometime I forget how great it can really be. Which is why I guess I am grateful for scrapbooking, journaling, and now blogging. I often go back and read our letters we wrote to each other during my 18 month trip. They remind why this man is perfect for me.

Now take my relationship with Christ, and the church. I suppose the lay person would suppose it easy for me considering the previously mentioned Church mission, but like I said... I forget. I forget those feelings I have received so many times, that tell me what I believe to be true. I need reminding, and I am pretty sure my Heavenly Father knows this.

I enjoy reading and even I guess you can say 'investigating' other religions. I am curious, plus I enjoy seeking truths. I like understanding what they believe and why. I will always remember the quote by President Hinckley on how other churches have the truth, "But let's see if we can't add to it." It makes me smile. So with that being said... I still have alot of questions that I cannot always find answers to. If you wanted to hear my testimony on how I know that being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only way I know I will find those answers eventually, I will give it to you. Oh wait... But still questions, comments, concerns that I would like addressed one day. So I seek. There are those times when so much information can cause you to become troubled. There are so many different opinions, and truths, just how is one supposed to know.

All of this was building up until yesterday. Like a good girl I went to church, mostly because I feel the responsibility for the 15 child class we teach. Which I can see is another way of God helping me out, He knows that is what it takes to get me there. And then once I am there... Whammo! I am sitting in sacrament, and there again... that feeling. I was not even pondering about it or asking. But all of a sudden... peace. I was doing the right thing, I was in the right place, I believe in the right truths.

I might be still seeking my answers for awhile yet but that is what makes this life so exciting. Further growth. Unfortunately sometimes I need a bit of a backtracking... stupid me. Luckily I have someone looking out for me who understands my needs and desires. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Now if He can just help me with my new years resolution.

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Cody and Hanna said...

Thats interesting, because I had the same kind of thing happen to me yesterday in Sacrament meeting. I love that feeling. Then, Camdon freaked out, we took him home, and I feel asleep. haha. BUT, I have that little bit more within me to go off of for now.