Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Bloody Mess

During sacrament meeting (yes, I do pay attention) I turn to Ave and say, "Look. Look at my veins. They are blue. See inside me, it is blue. But when it comes out and I show it to you, it is red. Then it is red Avery."
He sort of looked at me funny.
"See Avery. I have blue blood on the inside, but then I bleed red. Get it?!" Wide eyes at this moment help to transmit my meaning telepathically.
"So you are saying deep down you are a BYU fan, but you will be a Utah fan for me."
Sarcastically shake my head, "No, Avery I am a Utah fan all the way."

Which to choose, which to choose?

To both sides... nice battle.

Avery is right. For BYU having their highest scoring QB and RB they sure did not put up much of a fight. And for Utah having a newbie team, they held up there own. Plus, I think the ref's were idiots. Was it there first time ever? 'The play has been confirmed.' What is that?!

He sure did not appreciate my joke after the game. I was drinking a V8 fusion (good stuff) it went down the wrong tube and I started coughing. Ave first questioned if I was dying, then asked what happened.

"I choked Avery. Kind of like how Utah did tonight."

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