Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Desire

I usually do not like to do this. But being bored this evening while Avery watches football I found this.
The Salt Lake City Temple (where we were married) in letterpress.

Have I told you how I secretly adore letterpress. How I desperately want to learn how. Oh, and how I also have this secret obsession with Type. Words, letters, the bits and pieces of writing and stories.

It is too beautiful for words. I want it, I need it. Avery says I cannot have it. He is the logical one. So why do I feel like crying? Someone else buy it for their home so I can come stare. Found here.


Cody and Hanna said...

I thought about getting it for you, but I was going for maybe $40...sorry you have such a cheap friend.

Vaughn and Shelby said...

You crack me up! Do you think they would have the Los Angeles Temple? I would love to get one! So cute! If I find a great deal on them I'll see if I can get one for you too!