Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello there, nice to meet you.

Today we had our big ultrasound visit. Ave was able to come, even though he usually has school. His classes aren't normally something he can miss either, but with the semester winding down he had a couple hours leeway. It would have worked out without him, but it would not have been quite the same to call him afterwards. My dad was also invited to meet us, considering he works in the same hospital, and is UBER excited to get to see his first grandbaby any chance he gets. Plus he's handy to have around if I have any questions.
We got to see a lot of lovely photos as they examined each one of the organs. Starting with the head, brain, heart, stomach, and so forth. Everything looked so perfect. Two kidneys, four ventricles, and 10 toes. Okay, we couldn't quite count the toes, but the little picture of just the tiny feet was adorable. Of course being the nerd I am, I was fascinated. I could spot the two brain hemispheres, I thought it cool to be able to see the aorta, and just watching my child moving around the whole time up on the screen was a beautiful, happy moment.
Everything looks really healthy and keeping at my 19 week mark, ever since my doctor bumped me back a week. My amniotic fluid apparently wasn't superb but nothing to worry about unless it gets lower. I'll have to research how I would be able to tell... hmmmm. All in all, nothing to add to my worries of becoming a mother.

Then came the true question. The one we have been fighting with this kid for weeks to cooperate. First crossing it's legs, then bouncing around like my insides were a bouncy castle, then just having no insight yet. I became concerned when the ultrasound tech was struggling and telling my child to open it's legs. Not something a mother usually wants to hear, but in this case I agreed. His supervisor, the Radiologist I think, who had been helping/training him the whole time stepped in and started mashing around. I could tell when they would get right over the head because I could feel something really hard all of sudden, when usually I'm all squishy. Not that it's comfortable to have your bladder smashed, but it isn't as hard as a rock. With still no success and Avery starting to say evil things, like that we would be leaving today without knowing, I offered to get up and jump around a little bit. I poked at my belly and told my baby to cooperate. Do not be stubborn today of all days! I also said a teensy prayers. God understands a mother's concern, He does not mock. The radiologist still scanning mentioned maybe he will have me get up for a minute, when all of sudden he freezes a frame. My dad makes a comment I don't entirely understand (jargon) and the doctor starts typing.

After the first sentence I was spouting some exclamations such as: Holy crap!No way!What are we going to do? He had heard us the whole time; how I was for sure it was a boy, we kind of wanted a boy, and so forth. So to be honest I didn't quite believe him. Hence the added line. He was a very nice and funny man who gave us some great advice and opinions on girls.
Clearing out the ideas of swords and balls and bugs out my imagination, suddenly tutus and dance classes and shoes and hair bows came pouring in, and I got very excited. I could not stop grinning. I am not dissapointed in the least. Just in shock. I really did not think having a girl was in the cards for us. With my three brothers and Ave's four, testosterone was bound to win out. But NO!!!
My father is estatic, I was always a daddy's girl. Ave was a little nervous. Mostly because the dollar signs started flashing in his head when I started naming all the cute things I could buy for our daughter. He also still has it in his mind he can still be firm with a daughter. Pshaw! That man is going to melt like butter. It'll be good for him. I told him little girls are much more emotional and he is not allowed to make our's cry everyday. He's going to have to get in touch with his sensitive side. Hahahaha. It's going to be great.

My beautiful baby girl. I am so excited to get to know you.
Even if you do make me nervous.


Teea Lamb said...

Yay for little girls! We are so excited for you guys! You'll be will great parents to a little girl! They are so much fun!

Russ, Bre & Steadman said...

Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting!!!

Sparks said...

I am SO excited for you! I've already started making tutus :-) You are going to be such a great mom Jenn, I can not tell you how very happy I am for you and Av. That little girl is a lucky one!

Christina Olson said...

Girls are soooo much fun!! A little dramatic when they start to talk yet a ton of fun!

Melissa R said...

Congrad jen I am so happy for you.