Thursday, March 5, 2009

My name is Jennifer...

and I am a shopaholic. And yes I really do speak Finnish fluently.

I went and saw this tonight with some girlfriends, and thought it was cute. I really laughed so hard just because I indentified in more ways than one with the character. The poor girl grew up with a mother who dressed her in whatever.... yep. Her parents bought an RV... yep. She froze her credit card... yep. So I have to indentify the problem. Then maybe I can consider fixing it... maybe. Just so you know, the guy in the movie really is a Finn. And I went with my friends I served with, so we were laughing hysterically during the finnish while everyone in the theater was silent. Sometimes it's really awesome to know an obscure language.

"Why do all your excuses have to do with Finland?'

"Because nobody checks on Finland."

Need a chick flick... see it... or 'he's not that into you' also hilarious but a bit racy.

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