Sunday, February 22, 2009

Image Tag

I saw this tag and thought it was clever. You google certain things on images and pick your favorite from the first three pages.

First Name (i guess her name is Jennifer too. It was better than all the seductive photos of Jennifer Aniston or Lopez)

Middle Name Last NameFavorite ColorAge

Favorite FoodGrandma's NameWhere you grew up (first 10 years)

Second 14 yearsFavorite Place (i love anywhere warm and sunny... but I have to give my shout out to Finland)

Pet you have owned

What you are doing right now besides blogging (watching original star trek movies.. all 11 to prepare for the new one coming out... I am not a nerd)

First jobPast Love
Place you want to visitDegree (my are actually all just tech certificates but...)

Dental AssistantCNA

Aerobic InstructorThings you still want to learn HobbiesBad Habits (being needy and stressed.... two in one photo)


Blake and Audra said...

That is so awesome!!

Teea Lamb said...

That's so fun and very clever! Hope you guys are doing good!

AdaMandy said...

I didn't know that you were an aerobic instructor. That's fun. I love your pics. Finland looks beautiful!