Saturday, February 7, 2009

New month already?!

So apparently my January was lame since I didn't post. That's not to say I haven't been checking blogs... daily.... I just didn't feel there was anything too exciting. In all reality though I went out with friends, I helped my husband with school, I started my first ever card club, I went to a four day conference in Scottsdale and enjoyed the sun, my husband did cute things, I was sick, found out what one friend is having (a boy and she's stealing my name) another friend had her boy, desperately want to drop my birth control, started paying $200 a month for health insurance, was flat broke, wrote my tithing check anyway, received random $1500 grant for Ave being a genius (thank you again God), coveted new lines through pictures of CHA, found out my friend actually went to CHA and again coveted (I know it's wrong), saw "He's just not that into you"
and cried at random parts, reading a relationship book titled "How to improve your marriage without talking about it" and not talking about it, was forced into taking a pregnancy test because my co-workers say I'm overly ornery these days (negative, but considering I haven't come off birth control...), renovating my parent's basement so we can move this summer, replaced my car windshield, loved my job and my boss, torn between career dreams, Ave took me to dinner, sold my dad's gun in a parking lot at night (I felt like a drug dealer), had interesting religious conversations with boss, added want to learn how to sew to my list, and the random daily activities that make me, me and this life mine.

All in all... it is eventful... it is good. And I am continuing to try.
Still haven't: gotten to the gym, quit caffeine for more than four days, made my lunch more, organized my storage closet, done my taxes, re-certified as an aerobics trainer, scrapped, gotten all christmas present's delivered, finished my friends quilt for her now 8 month old boy, or told my husband enough how great he is and stop asking him to do so much.
But that list could go on forever.
Until something life changing occurs... post you later.


Trev & Celina said...

hey i forgot about that quilt! When will it be done? ha ha just teasing. :)

Jeana said...

you are funny. it sucks when your baby hungry but know you can't really do the baby thing right now :)