Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break!

Girls gone wild?! I think not... this spring break for Ave has been pretty mild. He pretty much has worked all week and we haven't gone anywhere fun. I think we're feeling the penny pinching just like everyone else. We did get to go four-wheeling today out past five mile, which is always fun. So that in itself is an adventure. I had thursday and friday off of work (ouch for the paycheck, yay for relaxing) so thursday we pretty much just chilled, took a long walk, and did nothing. It's nice, but I get bored easily. I did bust out my easter decorations, all three of them. =) He goes back to school on monday... boo! but only a couple months left until summer. Ave doesn't go during the summer, he works, so that'll make me feel better. Having more time and money coming in. We are planning our birthday's/anniversay trip, we go on a vacation instead buying gifts every year. We are thinking Vegas again, it's getting away somewhere entertaining and fairly in-expensive compared to say... Californi or hawaii (ahhh.... hawaii... one day, one day)
Hopefully everyone else enjoys their spring weather!

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Ben Lamb said...

Sounds like my spring break!! But the pennies pinch me.