Monday, October 19, 2009

My UEA weekend

Ave had the weekend off; playtime! We have our system. On school breaks ie: UEA and spring break, we get to go on an "Avery vacation". Which usually revolves around four-wheelers. Then for our big gifts ie: Christmas, Anniversary; we take a "Jenn vacation". So this past weekend, Moab. I love moab, good memories, good fun. My family and I used to go a couple times a year to bike or four-wheel. It's been awhile, since my birthday last year that we have been. It was about time. We hit some good trails, rested up, ate some good food, and had WAY too much family time. Living with my family full time definitely does not cause me to want to spend vacation time with them. But hey when we can stay in the RV for free... and rides my parent's four-wheelers for free... and eat yummy food for free... we'll get over it.
It was fun... check it out.

And yes the dog does ride on the four wheeler. He loves it. Sometimes he runs beside us, but usually he just rides in the back.

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