Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Date Night

My date night usually consists of a few of my favorite things...
*take out yellow curry*

*the latest crappy redbox movie* this time it was 'Year One' Do not recommend.

*And a few fuzzy faces to cuddle with*

*and Avery* but his fuzzy face would not let me take a picture of him last night

p.s. He was laughing (laughing!) at me while I was taking pictures...
"What are you doing? Why are you taking a picture of the movie case? Are you making fun, are you making fun of our date night?"
"I'm not making fun. I'm documenting," I was trying to explain to the man.
"Awww... It is so cute, look at our date night. You want to remember when we were poor, ate take out, and rented a movie every weekend. Awww... look at our poor college days in the scrapbook!" he was laughing the whole sentence.

I wish you all a great date night!


Vaughn and Shelby said...

Ave...there is nothing wrong with take out and a good red box movie! :) Vaughn and I do the same thing a couple of times a week. Jenn we need to go out and get some yummy curry. Its my fav!

Ben Lamb said...

Our date night includes watching 24 and paPa murpheys!!

AdaMandy said...

Those date nights are the best-and worth documenting I think. :)