Friday, October 30, 2009

My Own Rules

Today I opened a lovely cardboard box from Amazon. It contained my newest book purchase.

(POST EDIT: Sorry no, not an announcement. I am not pregnant. I wish. But no, I realize I worded it oddly. Which made it seem like I was. That has been edited. Sorry! Keep praying though!)
I like the title. It suits our circumstances, not yet having children. Yes, I realize there is the possibility our future child will be a girl, but I have my doubts. I bought it to keep on hand for WHEN we do conceive as maybe a present for Avery (first father's day?) but I ended up looking through it first. Oops...

*Anyone else love the smell of a new book? Or the way the pages crack as you break in the binding for the first time? I love a new book! Call me strange, I am sure I am.*

It is written from a father to a son, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is simple pages of one liner lessons such as "When in doubt wear a tie... Learn how to dance... Talk to your mother. She is cooler than you think...Write down your goals twice a year." And other such lovely snippets. Just classics. I also enjoy the mustard yellow cover, and in my mind's eye picture it on the shelf in our non-existent nursery.

It caused me to relfect on some of my own rules for my life, or at least one's I would like to incorporate. Dance in the kitchen...Only buy clothes that fit well. Not necessarily the latest style...Learn how to save. I am in the midst of compiling a list. Any suggestions?

Coming next in the cardboard box of wonders...

the previous purchase reminded me of the review I once read for this, and thought they would make a good pair. The subtitle is '20 things my son needs to know.' I must be on a new kick.

What life lessons do you wish to pass to your children?

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Kev said...

Is that an announcement in the opening two paragraphs? My life lesson to pass to Kaniela... Live Well...EAT BETTER!