Monday, October 12, 2009

My Life's Frustrations

Blogspot has not liked me lately. I have tried to post and attach photos three seperate times. Will not work. It is annoying. Not really anything special going on, just life. But I like being able to muse on my blog. And whine. Now is some more whining. Stick with me here.
The baby thing has not been going so well. I will just say that. And that we are pretty sure I had an early miscarriage last month. So that is always disappointing and slightly sad. Though I told a few of my friends that in a way I was happy about it, because it means I am ABLE to get pregnant. Being in the medical field I know the stats and I am way more willing to have my body make the decision. I would rather have a happy and healthy baby. Not saying I am not getting to the point where I just want a baby. I have to remind myself to relax and not to stress. Going on six months... it is hard not to stress about something you want so badly. I need to remind myself it happens on Heavenly Father's time, He is looking out for me. It will all work out.
In other news Ave is back in to the swing of school. Which I will say the late night studying and homework does not help the baby process. He received an invite to the Golden Key Honor Society. Which means he is in the top 15% of his class. YAY! My husband is a freaking genius. He has also been trying to hunt. He got an elk spike tag and keeps going to a few spots but has not got one yet. I actually went with him up American Fork Canyon the other day. In the snow... On a five hour hike... And then did not see anything. Hunting is lame. I do not see the appeal.
My work is great. I really love it. And for the first time in awhile we are fully staffed. Which of course makes my work load even better. And I am really excited my doctor is opening a satellite office in Park City starting in November. He will do really well up there, and we get to go shopping after work. Good all around!
The being at the parent's house thing is going well... yeah, well. It is frustrating. And I am REALLY bummed not to be able to decorate for halloweeen. I keep seeing all these great ideas online, that I just have to save. Boo! But it still has been the best decision, I do not know how we would have survived. Once again reminds me He is looking out for us.
Everything will work out.
Thanks for listening to me whine. I can recommend some good cheese if wanted.


Vaughn and Shelby said...

I love cheese Jen...what would you recommend? You are right...Everything will work out! I always say patience is virtue! :) You are more than welcome to come decorate my home...we won't even be in town Halloween weekend...bummer! We miss you guys!

Blake and Audra said...

Hey girly! You are TOTALLY right. It is so hard waiting but you have such a great mindset. Patience is a virtue but IT SUCKS! haha
I wish you the best of luck on the home front. Baby dust to you!!