Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Decor

Since our little apartment can't hold visitors I'm unable to show off my creative side. I used to even decorate my apartment in provo, and was dubbed Martha by my roommates. I still have some of that but I collected a few new things the last couple years since I can have free reign.

The pumpkin to the far right is one of Avery's creations. BTW they always make the cutest holiday decor... I can't sneak anybody anything. =)

These are some new additions... this used to be Avery... but he played XBOX too long without paying attention to me.. hehehe

I just like the black cat... plus the halloween lights reflect of it so nicely. But you can't see that.

Come again soon!


Jay, Em & kiddos said...

so cute Jenn. The place looks great

Heidi and Kevin said...

cute jenn!! when are we going to hang out again?

Cody and Hanna said...

I'm glad to see you finally got everything figured out on your blog...I'm not sure what the deal was with it last time I checked.

AdaMandy said...

Jenn I'm glad you got your blog going. I love your decor, so festive.

Brother and Sister Harker said...

Looks so cute! I love Halloween stuff!