Monday, October 27, 2008

Power of Choice

On Saturday we had the opportunity to attend a banquet in honor of Glenn Beck. He received the first ever pioneer in leadership award from the BYU Management Society. My dad got tickets through his secretary, it was quite elite. For those of you who don't know Glenn Beck is a talk show host. He also, until recently had a show on CNN, but now is signed with Fox News. I enjoy his take on current events and his refreshing opinions. He is very conservative and is a convert to the LDS church. His show has been one of the fasting growing in the nation and he's in the running for being the second biggest, tied with Sean Hannity.
He spoke on the Power of Choice. Mostly he spoke about upcoming trials; economical, financial, political, etc. And how one person's voice matters. That we shouldn't just sit back and allow what's going to happen, happen without our say. He talked about how it is going to be hard, and who do you trust these days. When it seems like no one shares your views, not politicians, the media, or any one with the authority to make a difference. How do we just sit back and watch all of our values and beliefs being belittled and trampled by our leaders. But he brought the point of what it says on our dollar bill. In God we trust. That God is the only who can fix our economy, nation, our people. That we have to trust in Him. That even though it's going to get harder, it will make us better for it. We still will be happy, we will focus on what really matters. I'm not doing all of what he said justice, but it was very inspiring. It reminded me exactly of what the apostles were trying to convey to us this past conference. It's going to suck, but it will be alright. Trust in the Lord.
You should check Glenn Beck out sometime, his books are fun to read.
I have hope that someone out there, who speaks with politicians, leaders, and media moguls... has his head on straight.
Sorry it's fuzzy, apparently my dad doesn't know how to use a flash.
Ave thought he was funny...
My Dad, my mom's eye, and lil' bros Ammon & Austin... making a face.

Wow, apparently no one knows how to use a flash... That's Glenn Beck... kind of.

Nevertheless, it was entertaining. Best quote of the night...

"I find myself constantly being pissed of by lazy people."


AudraandBlake said...

That's awesome you guys got to go to that. Looks very ELITE! :) You guys should go to Glenn's Christmas Sweater program he's doing. It's December 6th. We're way excited about it!

Em said...

That's awesome. I love Glenn Beck! looks fun.