Friday, October 10, 2008


So after a lunch with my extendo family today I decided it would be worth it to finally figure out all this blog stuff and update my page. I'm trying this for now.. until I get sick of it.
Drama in our lives: A) Ave's car is in the shop because some kid hit his car while it was parked outside of his dad's last saturday. All the conference talks about not letting things get to you.. those were for me.
B) My car has to go in the shop to start working on the thousands of dollars worth of things going out on it. BOO!!
C) We don't have the $ for all this... but I do know it'll all work out.


Jay, Em & kiddos said...

Hey Jenn, it was great to see you and have lunch with you the other day. We need to get together more often. Your blog background is cute, you did a good job. Keep updating, I added you to my list to spy on.

Rachel Smith said...

Stinky! i HATE CAR TROUBLES! Our car is also in the shop. It's always an expense that we're NOT prepared for, but it always seems to work out! Cute blog...Keep it up. It makes keeping in touch so easy