Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ATV - ing

Ave had last week off because of UEA. Which was lovely. The only time he relaxes is when he's not in school. He went down to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes with my parents and little brothers to go four wheeling. Which I have to tell you is in the top five things of Ave's Loves. He took the camera down but didn't take any pictures. I had to work but drove down friday night and stayed saturday to play for a bit. My aunt Kathy and her family were there as well. That was nice to see them, it's been a while. Sometimes I feel sequestered living in a little apartment away from all the action. I took a few pictures when we were out riding.

My parents have two golden retrievers, Savannah and Apollo. Since we only live three houses away we're over there quite a bit and we've basically claimed Apollo as our dog. We are the only ones who usually take him out for a walk or play with him. Oh and he adores Avery! Any time Ave leaves he'll just stare out the window looking longingly after him. He is also the cuddliest dog. He'll just lay his head next to me while we watch tv and not even move. He's only about 1 1/2 years old so still a baby but Ave's trained him well, he's a great dog. Ave even got him to ride on the back of his tiny four wheeler without jumping off. We drove clear out into the dunes, over and around and he just layed his head on Ave's lap.

Last year when we took him out he was a puppy, when he would take off down the sand dunes it was hilarious. Usually he couldn't stop in time, it wasn't so amusing this time.

We took Savannah out as well but she was being naughty so the boys and I buried her. =)

I took off after a day, and spent the night watching chick flicks... hehehe. Much better.

But now we're back to school and work and normal routines.


AdaMandy said...

That dog is adorable! We are dog fans, we have a boxer named Greta. She's great. That looks like fun. My inlaws have four wheelers and we usually go when we are there. I'm good after a day, but I think Adam could ride forever. Those are cute pics! I love seeing what you're up to. Thanks for blogging.

Cody and Hanna said...

So...for some reason the only time I can properly see your blog is when I am on Cody's computer. On all the rest it looks really funky. Anyway, just thought I would let you know. haha.

Jay, Em & kiddos said...

Looks fun. Wish we could havecome. EJ keeps asking to ride aunt Kathy's motorcycles. :(