Saturday, November 10, 2012

18 Months

She's not a baby anymore. We've got a full fledged toddler on our hands. Complete with temper tantrums, talking, and running away from me at the store.


I have yet to take her to her 18 month appointment yet, so I'm not sure on her stats. But I'm sure they won't be good and I'll get in trouble for her weight. She's so tiny. I know she's only barely over 20 lbs, because we weighed her weekly on our scale until we knew we could switch her to the forward facing carseat. We did a dance when it finally hit 20. What do you do? Unfortunately, she is still drinking a lot of her calories by taking bottles. At least we're down to whole milk only, not plus formula, we finally were able to break that money draining need. I'm dreading weaning off the bottle, even though I know she should be old enough to just do the cup, the daycare gets kind of annoyed, she's the only one on a bottle still. But that's the only way she'll take milk, and the only way I know she's getting some calories. Ugh. She's getting better at eating, but not great.

Currently she eats lots and lots of goldfish crackers, string cheese, red bell peppers, greek yogurt, popcorn, cooked carrots, potatoes, any kind of pasta, small bites of chicken, and big bites of beef. She likes her red meat.
And chocolate chip cookies.
Along the lines of weaning... she still uses the bink to sleep. The orthodontic assistant in me cringes every night, but I haven't had the nerve to get rid of that either. It's like the immediately-fall-asleep push button.

She started nursery last week and was a champ. Didn't even look back, just like when she started her new daycare last month. She does so well. She loves being in new places, being with the big kids, and doing the activities. She's really started getting into drawing and has been found with a pen in hand drawing me a pretty picture on important papers. She loves books.... loves!!! She brings me a Boo-boo (book) about every two minutes to read, then turns around and backs her bum right into my lap.

She loves her doggies, says hello to them every morning. Lately, she's been enjoying Yo Gabba Gabba (cringe) while I get ready in the morning. Along with the standbys of Phineas and Ferb, Sesame Street, and My Little Pony on Netflix. The other day we were listening to music and Aristocats played which made  me immediately have the desire to watch it with her. Quick rental online at Amazon and stream to the XBOX (I love modern technology) and we had ourselves a movie afternoon. She sat through the whole thing, almost, but super close. She really only gets about one 'show' a day, but she won't just watch any old boring thing.

We've both enjoyed the new home and all that goes with it. She helps me put the clothes in the washer, unloads the dishes, helps me cook, and vacuum. Our routines for meals, cleaning, and playing are starting to get figured out and I love it. It feels so... normal. We're planning on getting her the Ikea play kitchen for Christmas. I've been saving links for felt food, to test out my sewing skills, we'll see if it happens. I'd like to try to put together a apron and mitts too, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Post shot of a busy day playing
Her speech skills are coming along, she's got the normal Ma-ma, Da-da, Dogs, Kitty, Turtle, Fish is more like -ish, Car, Cracker, Nose, Socks, and Shoes. I'm sure there's more, but that's good enough to prove she's smart. She knows most of her body parts, loves the belly button, as most kids do.

Basically she's just super amazing and the cutest dang kid you ever would have the privilege of meeting. You are welcome.

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chantelle said...

jen! Hi!! so, i read your cute post about your darling little girl and thaught I would comment on the being tiny thing. My little girl is 2 1/2 and only weighs 22 pounds, if that makes you feel any better. After trying literally everything to get her to gain weight, me and my doctor just came to the conclusion that some kids are just small. but, some things that worked to get more calories for her were, instant breakfast in her milk after breakfast and dinner, shots of ranch dressing, and all the butter/cream cheese/whip cream she would eat. hope that helps if you haven't tried it. hope your doing good, your family is darling!!