Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Evening Being Puked On

Toddler puke smells... badly.

Baby vomit, is light and almost sweet smelling. I had lot's of experience with infant puke. Audrey had acid reflux the first 10 months of her life... no exaggeration. Only recently had that little joy righted itself. Even our last bout of stomach flu was during the more infant phase.

Then last night happened.
At least four times.
And I almost joined her... it was that nasty.

Toddler puke is chunky, and thick, and smells way worse than anything I EVER remember coming out of me. I have a huge, adult, probably-got-a-ton-of-stuff-floating-around-in-there tummy. But she wins... *gag*.

And we're not still not sure what triggered it. She's been having some mucus, drainage issues for a bit now. We figure just allergies, since she's not running a fever. She also happens to be growing some molars, my little tooth gardener. We'll hear her cough throughout the night, and occasionally start gagging on some slime, as we run in like frantic first-time-parents, that we are, to tip her upside down. She always hates that, being half asleep and flipped upside down with suddenly bright lights... I can't imagine why.

Then last night *cough*cough*stomach contents.


Ave bathed her while I mopped up the mattress. *gag* Brushed her teeth, because I'm a freak like that, and laid her back down. 30 minutes later... AGAIN!!!

This time, we tried keeping her up for a while to try settling her stomach, she drank some water, watched some Avatar: Last Airbender. Luckily, we had a popcorn bowl from earlier close by, because she wasn't done. A soaked couch, cleavage full, and two hours later her stomach was completely empty.

Poor baby.
Today she's fine, just acting starving and completely ornery, and tired, very tired.
And she stole my sandwich.
She would only, finally, take a nap when her giraffe lovie finished drying.

I joked with Ave... let's have another!

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