Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Body Is A Wonderland

Maybe I should rethink that title...
Our bodies are amazing. No, seriously, think about it. Do you know what kind of crazy stuff we can do to them, and they just heal right back up? I've seen it. I love it. I am that weird girl who was always fascinated by the human body. It is just so cool. How the different mini and not so mini systems work together. How all the little parts fit together. We went to the Bodies exhibit in Las Vegas on our first anniversary, I was giddy. GIDDY! Who does that? ...Me...

So last night I was laying there, trying to sleep... again (aren't you glad I didn't blog this time?) and my daughter was squirming around every which way, making me slightly queasy. Fetal movement does that to me. I tell you, I don't love the sensation. Plus, it just keeps me awake!

I started thinking about what exactly was going on in there. This whole reproduction deal. Now I am not going to lie. Pregnancy used to gross me out. Having this living creature grow inside you. Reminds me too much of the Alien movies. You know, where the thing squirms around beneath the skin and then SPLACK... pops out and devours everyone in the room.
Whenever one of my friends was pregnant and the fetus would push an entire foot or hand through. AAAAHHHH!!!! Kill it!!!

Maybe not kill it, but creepy, no?
But last night... it was pure magic. The fact that my body could produce another body. Magic. Everything my daughter needs to grow and stretch started out with my body and then her's took off on it's own. She has eyelashes now! Awesome. Somehow my body has just formed this other living being. Even my organs have sacrificed their personal space to make room for the bubble that houses that being. My skin has stretched and expanded to beyond reasonable expectation. I have the stretch marks to prove it. Not so much on my stomach; as my hip, thighs, butt, and... yeah... ahem.

Speaking of... The fact that my body could produce something edible. Nasty! Another thing that used to creep me right out. Anything that comes OUT of the human body should not be ingested. I've worked in rest homes before.

But now the thought that my body will soon be able to nourish and feed my daughter even after she's out and independent (so to speak), is amazing. (On a side note: has anybody researched selling/donating breast milk? I'm curious.) The fact that a human body can not only form another human body but then continue to help it grow after it ejects, is just so cool. Pretty soon I will have that little girl to hold and snuggle. She just needs a bit more time to bake.

For one small moment I treasured the feeling of her poking my ribs on one side and distending my belly on the other. I reveled in the wonder of it all. My body is cool. And guess what... so is hers. How lucky are we? Poor males have no idea what they are missing.

Then she kicked me extra hard and I was annoyed again.

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Hanna said...

So, Taylor used to pump milk for a friend who had twins and whose body wasn't cooperating, but who wanted her kids breast fed. At first I thought it was weird, but I see the appeal and desire to give your kids the best. And as they say, breast is best. haha.