Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Seventh Month of the Year

Having received some complaints (Okay, only one. Thanks for caring Audra.) I dragged out my camera cords and downloaded some photos. Being as far behind as I am I will summarize July...

We went to the Stadium of Fire thanks to Ammon being a stage manager, and Dad for letting Glenn Beck chill in his RV (or his Trailer, as we movie people call it.) Awesome show! Great emcee! Not a fan of the Jo Bros but the screaming and crying preteens were entertaining.

Hilarious little girl dancing the entire time.We were on the field like 6 rows back, so we had alot of ash rain down on our heads. Good thing no one there had PTSD.

Then I had baby shower(s).

My cute friend Shelby expecting her first, a girl. And my former co-worker/friend Melissa expecting another girl, her first as well. I did happen to win a $50 gift card prize at this shower. Yay me!

My brother Austin turned 14 years old. Wierd!

We didn't have any birthday candles, so he to blow out a couple real candles and a lighter.He scored a DS-i and a slip 'n' slide which he proceeded to break the next day but not before him, the dogs, and I got some fun out of it. (Word of warning, any females out there beware the slip 'n' slide and diving full onto your bosom. Painful! Luckily this one came with an inflatable boogie board, made it fun again for me.)

Avery and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. We went out to dinner (mmm Carrabas) and later went up and spent the weekend at his familiy cabin four wheeling, eating smores, and watching Dexter season two. I know it sounds lame, it kind of was considering, but we're broke as joke, so we had to make our own fun. What went from a San Diego anniversary went to Las Vegas again, went to St. George again, went to Anniversary Inn for a night, went to up the cabin (for free) for a night. Yay for free! At least there wasn't any internet to distract us.Obligatory wedding photo to prove in fact we did get married.

We did get to go see Kenny Chesney in concert. We had the nosebleed seats and the sun baked us till it went down, but 'when the sun goes down' we had a blast.I think Ave's favorite was someone down below gave Kenny C. a University of Utah hat that he switched from his cowboy hat into when he came a did his encore. Like 10 songs!! All not his, different bands from U2 to the Eagles, all sorts of fun, like one big party. Great night!

It's been busy, Ave's been working to save for school. Expensive! I've been working to pay our bills. It's nice getting him around more when school is out but I think it's about time to go back. I want to feel better about getting another year out of the way. We are all settled (for the most part) the our basement bedroom and it's working out as well as can be expected. Every month we are anxiously awaiting seeing this...instead of the opposite, which we have been seeing. Boo! Waiting sucks. But I feel a sense of relief in the no longer 'waiting to try'. At least at this point it 's out of my hands. Anybody got any extra prayers lying around, one can come our way. August will be a good month I can tell.

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Vaughn and Shelby said...

Yeah! So much to read! I can't believe you posted that prego picture of me!